Applicable to Members or Customers of Vendors:

Once you have received your coupon code and product reference from your Institution Vendor, please follow the purchase of the product  (ignoring the purchase price as you have already paid for or been granted your membership with your institution) and go through the checkout process by applying the coupon code for a "no charge checkout" in order for you to download your content. The coupon code will only work with the product the vendor has referenced. Please get your coupon together with the product reference directly from your Institution Vendor as we do not issue coupon codes or the product reference directly to members or customers on behalf of your Institution Vendor."

Please contact your vendor directly if you have any questions or if there is a delay in receiving your coupon and product reference from them.

Yours sincerely,


6th Grade - Member Access with coupon code only

Please have your Member Access Coupon Code ready that you should have received from your Vendor in order to go through the “no payment” checkout with this product.

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