African Schools Free Access

Schools can join VOKAL’s ICON-NECT School Support Program

If you are a school and you would like to access VOKAL material for free, you are invited to join our corporate sponsored School Support Program.  VOKAL has teamed up with corporate partners to offer the following benefits to participating schools: 

  1. Accessing one upper elementary comprehension reader a month that tests learners’ comprehension and vocabulary and prompts discussion on a woman leader’s perspective on the continent, background on the featured woman’s host country and other thought provoking questions, as well as one lower elementary comprehension reader that is interactive for junior learners.
  2. The opportunity for upper elementary learners to participate in virtual seminars with selected African women leader icons.
  3. The opportunity for upper elementary and high school learners to participate in icon interview competitions.
  4. The opportunity to participate in African women history trivia competitions culminating in a major competition during women’s month.

To be eligible for the ICON-NECT School Support Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an accredited school based on the African continent
  2. Be a school with a minimum of 500 pupils
  3. Be committed to gender equity and women advancement on the African continent
  4. Be willing to promote this product to other schools – the more schools participate, the more robust will be the competition
  5. Complete the preliminary on-boarding process which involves the following:

    1. Complete the VOKAL application here Application Form
    2. Once the application is received, you will receive a sample reader (an upper elementary reader and a lower elementary reader).  Please send us a video of the discussion organized with your students around the upper elementary reader and at least 5 samples of the booklets produced by pupils using the lower elementary reader. It is important to note that VOKAL will not distribute video samples.  Instead, we will simply use them as proof to corporate partners that the readers are being actively used.
    3. You will be informed of your school’s acceptance within one week of submitting your videos.

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