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Youth in Africa must learn to read.  In the process, why shouldn’t they also be learning about African women achievements, African geography, history, business and careers?  VOKAL is starting a movement – a movement to mainstream learning about African women leaders in African schools and at-home learning environments on a wide scale.

More and more corporations based on the African continent are recognizing the urgent need to invest in the foundational learning of future workforces.  VOKAL offers corporate partners the chance to invest wisely for maximum and transformational impact.   VOKAL has established a learning platform for use by schools, home-schooling networks and families that puts African women at the center of learning for all learners.  In so doing, we chip away at the prevailing patriarchal culture that limits overall African achievement and advancement at the same time that we build a reading culture among learners.  Through our learning platform, learners see new possibilities in learning about the entire continent through a female perspective. Equally, they learn about the multiplicity of career possibilities available to all learners who apply themselves and who follow the examples of the women leaders featured in comprehension readers, videos, podcasts, online seminars and competitions offered on the learning platform.

As a corporate partner, you would have the opportunity to be associated with empowering the continent through feminizing the collective mentality of its future workforce that will value equally all contributions and perspectives.

This platform is structured to offer significant benefits, not just to learners but also to corporate partners.  For this reason, we call this a partnership and not sponsorship.

We offer:

  1. The chance for schools of your employees to have exclusive access to much of our material, including selected readers, videos and online seminars.
  2. Your best employees can be featured in our on-going series of comprehension readers, podcasts and videos and youth will learn about your business through an indepth look at the leadership journey of your women executives.
  3. Broad reach in youth and family markets through your brand association with widespread distribution of publicly available comprehension readers throughout the African continent.
  4. Broad reach in youth and family markets through your brand association with annual video interview and trivia competitions. In the former, youth choose an interview subject where the top three videos are featured on the website and turned into comprehension readers.  Winners are announced at the end of March (women’s month) each year and their videos will be released to a large online audience.  Each month there would also be African women icon trivia competition among youth throughout the continent.

Long Term Benefits to all participating companies

  • Your workforce in future will be better readers, better writers and more infused with a gender equity consciousness and more likely to regard women equally as potentially valuable sources of knowledge and leadership inspiration.
  • Your existing employees will be more engaged with their children and more encouraging of reading among children.   Studies show that in households where parents do not encourage a reading culture, children lag behind in reading in schools.
  • Through the interview competition, more women leaders will come to the fore for broadly inspiring youth and adults alike.

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