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We offer educational material, initially, primary and secondary school exercises based on the wisdom and experience of African women.  In so doing, we connect youth to African ICONs. As we grow, the platform will expand to include other knowledge resources generated about and by African women for different grade levels as well as for adult consumption and learning.  These products can also be useful for language learning for any age group and some products will soon be accessible in French.  

Please note that the grade levels (3rd and 6th) identified for the products currently offered are just suggested levels.  Parents and teachers can review the material to determine suitability for their child/children. What is identified as a Grade 3 exercise could be suitable for Grade 2 or 4 and the same is true for the Grade 6 material. Sample pages of each version are included at the links below.  The 6th grade sample features the last page of the exercise which includes comprehension and discussion questions as well as vocabulary words which relate to the narrative not included in the sample.  This should help you make your assessment on the appropriateness of the material for your learner(s).  The sample 3rd grade features the full narrative and instructions for the exercise but not the exercise pages.

We are also slowly growing our database of “Super Icon” stories.  VOKAL’s Super Icon stories feature the leadership journeys of African women who have attained the very highest level of politics, business or organizations.  The first to be featured in the Super Icon series is Dr. Joyce Banda.   The Super Icons are highlighted in purple and are pitched at higher grade levels but can be read to lower grades.  They also include thought-provoking questions for stimulating family or class discussions.

How It Works

When you click on any one of the ICON images, that is your gateway to educational materials and exercises about our leader icons. You can review product descriptions and then navigate to the purchase page that is appropriate for you.  It is important to note Individual purchasers as well as users under an institutional purchase are entitled to ONE DOWNLOAD PER USER.  So once you purchase or apply your coupon code to access the material, save or print the download immediately.   You will not be able to return to the download function on your purchase receipt once you have already downloaded. If you are an individual purchasing for your children or students, choose the Individual Purchase Gateway (IPG).  If you represent a Library, Book Store, Club or Company, choose the Bulk Purchase Gateway (BPG).  Bulk purchasers can review the IPG to obtain more information on the individual stories.

Individuals can purchase an individual exercise or subscribe to a full pack of 12 exercises on different icons for the same grade level.  For example, you might want to have your children or students read one story per month at their level.  Once you purchase one story or a pack of 12, you will get an appropriate link to what you have chosen which you can access with one download.  You will realize a savings when you buy a pack.  We will also send you a notification when new packs become available.  As these stories are based on original interviews, our plan is to produce 12 stories per year.  When you buy the 12 pack during ICON-NECT’s launch period, December 2020 through March 2021, you can receive the Joyce Banda Super Icon story for free as part of the 12 pack.

Institutions or Clubs can buy in bulk on behalf of their members or customers.  Institutions or Clubs can also use our Quarterly Zoom events as fundraisers for their own entities.  A win-win for all!

To access the Product Descriptions or Purchase Gateways, see the links above.

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