The aim of the ICON-NECT, a project of VOKAL, is to highlight the experiences and leadership journeys of African women in order to:

  1. Fill the void of educational resources for all educational levels related to African women leadership;
  2. Diversify leadership case studies globally and address the severe under-representation of African women in that collective body of work;
  3. Promote African women as intellectual resources;
  4. Prove that the intellectual contributions of African women can be commodified and  translated into responsible capital; and
  5. Create an on-going, sustainable funding stream for women-centered projects in Africa.

ICON-NECT packages in different versions, according to grade level, the stories of African women leaders to fill the huge gap in educational materials that are used to inspire and motivate African youth.  You can access and purchase the educational material here.

In this video link, the former president of Mauritius opines eloquently on how underrepresented women role models are in educational material used to educate African children.  The NGO Whisperer™ Show Season 2 Ep. 7 I Carolyne A. Opinde interviews HE Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (this aspect of her discourse starts at roughly the 10th minute of the video).

Please see this link on VOKAL’s website to learn about the projects VOKAL seeks to support with revenue generated by ICON-NECT.   

VOKAL Beneficiaries

ICON-NECT produces educational material for different educational levels based on the leadership stories of selected African women leaders, some more well known than others but all whose leadership journeys hold valuable lessons for African youth as well as youth around the world.   

It is hoped that the existence of these products will force educational institutions, particularly on the African continent, to modify their curricula to accommodate learning resources that can offer greater inspiration and motivation to African learners.

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