In February 2020, VOKAL hosted Dr. Joyce Banda, the former president of Malawi at two events.  She was the first featured guest at VOKAL Dialogues originally conceptualized as a series of small intimate discussions with different African women icons.  However, the COVID19 global pandemic transformed this into a once-off event.  One objective of the dialogue was to connect African women leaders to those with expertise who could contribute to the advancement of the leaders’ respective causes and to widen their circle of support.  One of the participants, Crosby Menzies conducted a demonstration of solar cook stoves that showed promise for use in the efforts of Dr. Banda’s Foundation to improve the lives of rural women.  Those who attended came from as far away as Nigeria and the United Kingdom.  Attendees were:


  1. Guest Speaker – Dr. Joyce Banda
  2. Dialogue Convenor – Eve Thompson
  3. Dialogue Attendee – Rosemary Atieno
  4. Dialogue Attendee – Philomene Luyindula
  5. Dialogue Attendee – Crosby Menzies
  6. Dialogue Attendee – Honorable Adewunmi Oriyomi Onanuga
  7. Dialogue Attendee – Dr. Richard Robinson
  8. Dialogue Attendee – Gail Thompson
  9. Dialogue Attendee – Kambe Zgambo
  10. Dialogue Attendee – John Noble
  11. Dialogue Attendee – Nyasha Gwatidzo


After the Dialogue, attendees traveled to Port Elizabeth where Dr. Banda delivered a  public lecture as part of the launch of Nelson Mandela University’s Gender Studies Program.  The lecture was entitled “Pursuing a Pan Africanist agenda in Southern Africa through a gender lens.”     For more information and photos for both events see VOKAL News.


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