Here you can get exclusive access to educational materials and exercises about our leader icons that are age appropriate for different grade levels . You can purchase individual exercises or subscribe to a full pack of exercises in order to receive new exercises as they become available.  You will realize a savings by choosing the latter option.  Watch this space also for more material for different grades up to university level to be added that is generated on each individual icon.


Third Grade Reader and Mini Character Booklet  

Here third graders or advanced lower grade students can read a one page narrative on Misrak’s life and then make a mini-character booklet by following the cut-out and coloring instructions at the end of the narrative


6th Grade Reading Comprehension Exercise

Here 6th Graders, Advanced Lower Grade Students or English Language Learners can read about Misrak’s early life and leadership journey and then engage in lively discussions prompted by discussion questions posed at the end.  There are also vocabulary words that test students’ knowledge on some key words used in the story.

Exercise Packs for all ICONS

In this subscription, you can receive 12 different ICON stories in one bundle and for a limited time (up to February 28th) you can also access the incredible story of Joyce Banda, the former president of Malawi whose bravery in asserting her rights to the presidency when others sought to deny it, will inspire parents and children alike. 


A new set of 12 profiles will go on sale every quarter.


Third Grade Exercise Pack for all ICONS

$60 for access to 12 different 3rd grade ICON stories exercises as a pack (save $12)

6th Grade Exercise Packs for all ICONS

$90 for 12 different 6th grade stories and exercises as a pack (save $18)

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