VOKAL is a platform that showcases the considerable knowledge that African and African Diaspora women possess through live dialogues as well as a growing portal featuring learning material and other intellectual resources about or authored by African women.

This initiative recognizes that historically, African women’s knowledge has not been valued but it has always been there and is expanding and diversifying.  Many around the world search for this knowledge, but until now, it has remained largely inaccessible or non-existent online. We created VOKAL to showcase this knowledge – to centralize it and prove its worth.

The VOKAL website is intended to be a one-stop source of wide-ranging high-quality information, knowledge, learning material for all ages and advice from African and African Diaspora women.

VOKAL develops and compiles on an on-going basis VOKAL-originated learning material as well as intellectual resources authored by African women from all disciplines and from across the African continent and the diaspora.

VOKAL’s most exciting element is that the proceeds of the sales of learning material sold through the site go to support important women’s leadership causes in Africa.  So far, the specific beneficiaries of these proceeds are:

  • Women Climate Centers International (WCCI) – Supporting women to lead climate  change resilience in their communities (initiated in Uganda and Kenya but intended to
    expand continent-wide).  
  • FEMPO – Supports women with proven track records of service who seek political office (initiated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but intended to expand continent-wide).  
  • The Joyce Banda Foundation – This aims to support the causes of one of VOKAL’s earliest supporters, Joyce Banda, the former president of Malawi, including ensuring that girls have equal access to educational opportunities.   

For more information on these, see the Beneficiaries Link here.

As VOKAL grows, we hope that more such initiatives will benefit.

VOKAL seeks to demonstrate that African women can build resources on their own steam by providing value for money.  Rather than requesting handouts, we can offer you value for money in the form of the unique knowledge resources that only African women can bring.

Currently the main feature of the knowledge platform is our educational program, ICON-NECT where we offer primary and secondary school exercises based on the wisdom and experience of African women.  In so doing, we are connecting youth to African ICONs, hence the name of the program. As we grow, the platform will expand to include other knowledge resources generated by African women.


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