VOKAL is excited to have already registered 14 video interviews involving young African women conducting interviews with African heroines – women who have made  transformational contributions to Africa and the world!

And we won’t stop there!  While we have captured the leadership journey stories of these women as learning tools for children (See VOKAL ICON-NECT), we also intend to make the raw material available to those who are studying African women leadership at tertiary or post-graduate level or who simply want to be inspired by stories of triumph over challenges associated with being a woman on the African continent.

And the video database development will continue with new interviews of women from the widest possible range of sectors.  VOKAL is filling a gap by 1) ensuring that African women get the recognition they deserve and 2) making direct connections between African women icons and young interviewers and readers to ensure that intergenerational learning and mutual appreciation can thrive.

We are also building up our database of interviewers.  So if you or someone you know are 35 or under and are a woman of African descent, you can contact us at vokal@fempo.net for more details about how you can get involved.  Read below to see what those already involved have to say about their involvement with VOKAL interviews.

Winnie Lusamba

In joining . . .  VOKAL, I seek to raise the status of African women on the world’s stage.  African women leaders are the linchpin of all African societies, the connectors who build networks, care for citizens and bring about positive change.  As a young African woman, I crave the opportunity to learn and glean wisdom from someone who looks like me.  VOKAL offers a promising platform for this purpose.   

Marie Rose Tshite

It’s time to not only increase the participation of women in all spheres but also to amplify the voice of African women through platforms like VOKAL.  I am happy to be contributing to these efforts.

Devyn Holliday

I am thrilled to be part of VOKAL’s ICON-NECT program.  As a researcher and an anthropologist, I am very sensitive to how much history and cultural studies can be distorted when dominant cultures or genders monopolize narratives or are more present in the portrayal of history than others.  We need to bring multidimensionality to the images, lives and perspectives of African women.  ICON-NECT goes a long way towards realizing this goal.

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