Our product

We offer educational material, initially, primary and secondary school exercises based on the wisdom and experience of African women.  In so doing, we connect youth to African ICONs. As we grow, the platform will expand to include other knowledge resources generated about and by African women for different grade levels as well as for adult consumption and learning.  These products can also be useful for language learning for any age group and some products will soon be accessible in French.  Please note that the grade levels (3rd and 6th) identified for the products currently offered are just suggested levels.  Parents and teachers can review the material to determine how suitable it is for their child. What is identified as a Grade 3 exercise could be suitable for Grade 2 or 4 and the same is true for the Grade 6 material. 

How It Works

When you click on any one of the ICON images, that is your gateway to exclusive access to educational materials and exercises about our leader icons. You can purchase individual exercises on a single leader icon or subscribe to a full pack of 12 exercises on different icons for the same grade level.  Once you purchase a pack of 12, you will get one link to a folder of 12 exercises that you can access at your leisure for one full year, essentially one per month.  But since you will have access to all 12 at once, you can access them at any time.  You will realize a savings when you buy a pack.   We will also send you a notification when new packs become available.



Click here to discover how Rudo, a lawyer from Zimbabwe, “disrupted” positively to bring about change. Watch this space to obtain more material about Rudo as it becomes available.


Visionary Caregiver

Click here to access material on Nyasha’s leadership journey. Here, learners from different grade levels, through age appropriate exercises, can discover how Nyasha, a social entrepreneur in the caregiving arena, transformed the way institutions in the UK approached public caregiving. Watch this space to obtain more material about Nyasha as it becomes available. 

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